Monday, August 23, 2004

An Oregon sunset in my front yard Posted by Hello

High in the mountains of Southern Oregon is where I retreat every summer to reconnect with my Creator. My two younger children learned to swim here. This spot is a two hour drive from my home. Posted by Hello

Umpqua National Forrest, near South Umpqua Falls Posted by Hello

A perfect spot for camping and the car's unloaded. Posted by Hello

Just over the mountain is the ocean . . . an hour away Posted by Hello

Bursting Bubbles

I’m not me anymore,
I’ve become someone new,
Like a soap bubble . . .
Fuller and fuller,
Until it bursts.

I am a diary,
Written pages full.
Starting a new book . . .
As each page fills
I’m becoming more.

A west wind blows,
I, also, will ride the current,
Over hill and canyon . . .
Sky scrapper and vast water.
There I go— by God’s grace.

Disappointment and pleasant
Surprises along the way,
Give and take, and more growth.

But it’s still your smile that creates
A carrousel of music
Around my world.

BoseWellSprings in the early morning sun near my home, a small part of the 100 valleys of the Umpqua. Posted by Hello

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Ashes And Mist

My words fall as ashes
No one hears,
Such a small thing—
To make no shadow.

My tears become mist
As a vapor,
Rising in despair—
And are no more.

My song becomes silent
Passed as a cloud,
I look and I see—
And my heart follows my eyes.


Be tender toward me,
Tolerant and trusting
As we move into a new place---

From familiar to unknown,
A place where you and I
Become us.

Offer your hand as I step within,
Your reassurance as I explore.
Be my guide, my mentor, my friend.

When I see dark clouds, I'll reach---
Knowing you are near to shelter me
From wind and rain.

We'll dance to the rhythm of our rainbow,
Reaching for warm rays of sunshine

We'll find our high mountain meadow,
That place were you and I
Are us.