Friday, April 27, 2012

Trail to Jabez

A lonesome, uphill trail
Leads to the mountain of despair,
Through a forest sodden with
The moisture of broken dreams,
Laden with loose rocks of discouragement.

Thorns of temptation tear at the heart
Creeping vines of entanglement
Wrestle with weeds of regret.

Distress surrounds like cold mist
From a waterfall
Pressing in on dark fears and calamity.

Tiny flowers of tears and loneliness spring up,
Pushing through the foliage of wrong choices,
Until suddenly---
The trail falls into a great ravine.

Beyond the chasm,
Sun shines on a garden called Eden.

With arms lifted up in prayerful attitude
And lips of praise---
I whisper...

"Jesus, take my hand."


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