Thursday, April 26, 2012

Every time I spend time in my garden,
(I call the whole backyard my garden) it's a
spiritual experience. The birds sing, the frogs
croak, the bees buzz and the whole area is alive
especially this time of year. There are so many
places I've wanted to see for ever so long but
when I'm in my garden everything's different. It's
peaceful and God speaks through the miracle of
growth so clearly. It's like... suddenly I have the
whole world at my fingertips and don't need
anything more. I guess I don't try to analyze things.
I learned a long time ago to take one day at a
time, He will do the rest. My prayers center
around those I care about, past, present, and
perhaps, future. I ask Him to allow me peace and
freedom, love, and the quality of life to enjoy all
He has for me. I thank Him every day for the
clarity of mind to see Him in all things. Where
He leads, I will follow. I go to church on Sunday
for the fellowship. I worship every day of the
week for that is where my freedom is. I have
reverence for nature, life, and friendship. Beyond
this I remain silent until He leads.


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